Well, hello again! It's me!

In case you forgot, I'm Kennedy and I'm just your average Morgan Wallen-loving girl who dreams of capturing YOUR story! I'm goofy, dramatic, clumsy, fun-loving, and talkative (like seriously, I will talk your ear off all day if I could, ask all of my friends).

I got my first camera at the age of 13 and have been obsessed with photography since! I used to capture sporting events, but now I specialize in senior portraits and weddings!

My goal is to capture a happy day, or a moment, and translate it into a photograph. Whether it’s to show off a big ring, graduation cap, or new puppy—there’s nothing more rewarding than saving that memory for you.

Read even more about me and my story below!

Whoop Whoop! I'm so happy you're here!

This might be funny, but my favorite game to play at weddings is 'How old do you think I am?'

I only play this game because I apparently don't look the age that I am. I'm typically asked by the wedding party how old I am, so I have them guess and it's always a good laugh! Only a few people have gotten my age right, but they typically think I'm between 23-27 (I was kind hurt by the 27, not gonna lie). As fun as this is, my favorite part is seeing their reactions when I tell them I'm only 20! 🤣

Anywayyyyy, I'm from a small town here in Minnesota and recently moved to Minneapolis for college! I'm a full-time student at the University of Minnesota and I have switched my major more times than I can count (plz don't ask what I'm majoring in because I don't know lol).

I am a HUGE fan of music and I listen to a different variety of music! I mainly listen to country, but often switch between pop, worship, and some dance/edm music. It totally depends on my mood though!

One thing I love to do is travel. I have been to quite a few places, but I can't wait to explore more places in the near future! I am hoping to study abroad for one semester towards the end of my college career, so that is going to be super exciting! I've had the privilege to travel with my campus ministry and have been to new places because of it. I have been able to travel to Missouri, Florida, and LONDON! Like WHAT?

A Few of my favorites:


genre: country

artist: Morgan Wallen

song: Tails I Lose by Parker McCollum


genre(s): war and comedy

actor: Chris Pratt

actress: Margot Robbie

movie: Guy Ritchie's The Covenant


trips: London, UK or Panama City Beach, FL

concert: 5 Seconds of Summer

(literally my FAVES, only took 8 years to finally see them)

I hope you enjoy seeing a little bit more of my life outside of photography!